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Smile to win


Smile is a magic golden key, can open the soul of the palace, its charm to attract each other, add harmony.

Smile can make strangers feel cordial, make friends feel comfort, make loved ones feel happy.

Smile, is a symbol of benevolence, the embodiment of benevolence, the source of happiness, is close to the customer into the store consumer's first bridge.

A smile will make people feel approachable. With a smile on the face of the terminal store staff, customers feel at home. In service work, service with a smile is a virtue and a manifestation of hospitality.

Smile to meet the world's guests is the purpose of service work, is the basic attitude of dealing with guests.

Smile is the real world language, can transcend culture and spread, become the world's common currency. Smiling service in communication is respect, understanding and dedication to people, and becomes a bond to enhance friendship. It is the lubricant of communication: ---- dissolve everything ----- sublimate everything

A smile is effortless, but it produces infinite charm, the beneficiary becomes rich, and the giver does not remain poor.

Of course, as a terminal storefront staff, should pay attention to several joints of smiling service:

1. Adhere to the consciousness of "sincere smile and care". Smiles must come from the heart to move people. Only sincere smiles can impress each other. We should always receive customers entering the store with a smile, do something for them, think about what they think, and worry about what they are anxious about. Understand their needs in a smile, perceive their mind in a smile, and let them feel your smile and smile from the heart.

2. Establish the mentality of "I serve so I am happy", smile at the consumers who walk into the store, and let them share the happiness of you and the company and products. Everything has two sides or even multiple sides, and there are always good and Bad, positive and negative, it depends on how you look at it. The service mentality is good or bad, which affects the flow of store sales promotion orders.

Smile is an international etiquette, can fully reflect a person's enthusiasm, cultivation and charm. In the face of customers, guests and colleagues, to develop a good habit of smiling.

Smile can make consumers walk into the store to relax, feel respected, respected humanistic care. It will also stimulate the consumer's desire to enter the store.

Listen to pull closer


Listening is a kind of communication skill. The purpose is to clearly reflect to the other party that he feels the same way about what happened to him. During the interview, active listening can be used. On the one hand, it can encourage the other party to express more clearly and on the other hand, it can make the other party understand his own feelings.

Sincere listening, let customers feel the feeling of being respected and light.

Sincere listening can gain the recognition and trust of consumers and make consumers give up their vigilance. Contribute to the realization of terminal store sales behavior.

Effective listening can clarify the customer's consumption dynamics and desires, and adjust the promotion strategy and communication ideas in a timely manner.

Warm guidance

Sometimes, in the process of store sales, in the close contact and communication with customers, learning timely warm reminders and kind guidance can make customers feel ashamed. Since I have received such warm care, I should have expressed myself. Sometimes, sales promotion orders rely purely on emotional pull. Warm reminder and guidance, often inadvertently, let customers moved, into a single purchase.

Winning on display

Display is a part of store products, goods management, is part of the tally work. Tally is anything that takes place in a specialty store designed to encourage and stimulate impromptu buying. Such as floor display, price tag, promotional activities, etc.

Display is the external form of vividness and an important part of tally behavior. Through effective display and the dissemination of related promotional materials, to attract the attention of consumers, to stimulate the desire to buy, to achieve sales purposes.

Good and orderly display, can achieve the following effects:

1, expand the product display space, to avoid out of stock

2, to achieve convenient purchase

3, keep the product clean and beautiful

4, establish brand image, enhance brand value

A good and orderly display can often stimulate the impulse purchase desire of consumers entering the store, realize the promotion of single sales of terminal stores, and increase store sales.

Explain the stay

The ability to retain guests to listen is also an opportunity for further communication. Customers who stay and listen have already indicated that customers have accepted your service and expressed their sincerity in further communication. Therefore, as a shop assistant, in the process of receiving customers, we should try our best to stay in the customer and let him sit down and listen. Although it seems to be a courtesy, it is actually a sales strategy, a lead to further communication.

After further communication, often touch the customer's purchase desire and behavior of the implementation, to achieve instant sales.

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