FMC CHINA 2020 exhibition ended successfully, we have been on the road!

On September 12, 2020, the 26th China International Furniture Exhibition officially ended at the Shanghai New International Expo Center. Jianghe Shengqiang this time with a new image and bring many new products to the exhibition. Booth is full of popularity, visit customers in an endless stream. Jianghe Shengqiang team patiently introduces the company and its products to customers with the spirit of earnestness, enthusiasm, sincerity and self-confidence.


Main Causes and Solutions of Warping and Cracking of Solid Wood Panelling and Glulam

From the point of view of the production of solid wood panels and laminated materials, each manufacturer pays more attention to the quality of products than before. With the continuous improvement of the panel technology, the product quality has also been greatly improved. However, due to the different production methods and technological levels of various enterprises, solid wood panels or laminated materials, as the main raw materials for the production of solid wood products, have exposed some problems in the production and finished products. What is prominent is that if the production process conditions are not well controlled, it is easy to warp and crack in serious cases. Even if the above problems do not occur in production, warping or cracking often occurs during the use of users. How to solve this problem


Overview of Glulam Material Knowledge

Glulam is the use of plates or small square wood according to the direction of wood fiber parallel, in the thickness, width and length of the direction of the glued wood products. The raw materials of laminated timber are mostly thinning timber and small diameter timber. Glulam is one of the effective means to save wood and improve the utilization rate of wood. The characteristics of laminated material 1.1 that small materials are of great use, and inferior materials are of great use. Because laminated material is made of short and small materials in the length, width and thickness directions, it can be made into components with any large cross section and any length according to customer requirements, making small materials of great use. The net-like wooden structure of the former Beijing Asian Games Village Recreation and Leisure Park is 4c


Discussion on the Reasons of Adopting Science and Technology Wood Skin

The excellent performance and renewability of wood determine that it has become an indispensable material in people's production and life. In today's natural forest resources are decreasing day by day, how to make comprehensive utilization, rational utilization and alternative utilization of forest resources, especially rare and precious tree species wood resources to meet the needs of social development is an important issue facing the wood processing industry. And the emergence of science and technology wood skin, it will become one of the best choices for people's production and life of wood products. So choose the use of science and technology veneered for the following reasons: 1. science and technology veneered in the manufacturing process to remove the original defects of natural wood, to overcome


Analysis of the Development Trend of Science and Technology Wood Skin in the Downturn Market

What we usually call scientific and technological wood is actually an "upgraded version" of natural wood, which is "derived from nature and better than nature". It can be widely used in furniture, decoration, flooring, veneer, doors and windows, sports materials, wood carving, handicrafts and other fields. It is called natural wood because scientific and technological wood is a new kind of wood with logs, especially fast-growing wood as the main raw material, and its modified physicochemical treatment of the material is the reason for becoming an upgraded version. This year, the housing market downturn, coupled with the impact of the European debt crisis, China's timber industry will inevitably be seriously affected. However, when talking with technology wood and veneer dealers, what we learned was


How to choose a tech wood skin

According to the production process, the veneer is mainly divided into two kinds of technological veneer and natural veneer, which are widely used in furniture and various decorative panels. Natural veneer is made of natural wood as raw material, and technology veneer is more likely to go to some composite profiles and wood mixed. There are many performance advantages related to science and technology veneer. The color is not as single as natural veneer. It can be processed and dyed manually, and finally made into various colors and textures for people to choose from. In fact, the quality of wood skin is also divided into grades: according to the thickness, it can be divided into thick skin and thin skin, the thick skin is about 0.6mm, and the thin skin is from 0.


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