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Talking about the Reasons for Adopting Scientific Veneer

Talking about the Reasons for Adopting Scientific Veneer

The excellent performance and reproducibility of wood determines that it is an indispensable material for people's production and life.
  The excellent performance and reproducibility of wood determines that it is an indispensable material for people's production and life. With the declining nature of natural forest resources today, how to make comprehensive use, rational use and alternative use of timber resources, especially scarce and precious species of timber resources, to meet the needs of social development is an important issue faced by the wood processing industry. The emergence of technology veneer, it will certainly become one of the best choice for people in the production of wood products in life. So there are several reasons why you choose to use technology veneer:
  First, science and technology veneer in the production process to eliminate the original defects of natural wood, to overcome the natural wood inherent wormhole, frugal, decay, discoloration, color and other inevitable defects, the color is more bright, more three-dimensional sense of texture The color is richer, the texture is more diversified, and various patterns and designs can be processed according to people's different preferences, which can fully satisfy the diversified and personalized consumption demands of modern people.
  Second, science and technology veneer in the structure of the natural wood has been optimized and reorganized to overcome the shortcomings of natural wood easy to warp deformation, retained the natural properties of natural wood insulation, insulation, humidity, temperature regulation. Its physical and mechanical properties such as density, hardness, static bending strength and bending strength are better than natural wood. Science and technology veneer in the manufacturing process of anti-corrosion, moth-proof, moisture-resistant, sound-absorbing, flame-retardant and other modified treatment, giving the wood a variety of superior functions.
  Third, science and technology veneer can be processed into the required size according to different requirements in the processing and manufacturing process, which overcomes the limitation of the natural wood path size, and eliminates the defects of the real wood, such as mineral eyes, insect eyes, and festivals. Corrugated, decay, discoloration, chromatic aberration, etc., science and technology veneer texture and color have a certain degree of regularity, to avoid the natural wood due to differences in texture, color, knife and splicing problems, can make full use of every inch of material.
  Fourth, science and technology veneer is a new type of wood composite decorative material, its production has opened up new ways for the development and application of ordinary species of fast-growing forest and the protection of natural forest resources, effectively solved the supply and demand contradictions of natural and rare species of wood, with sustainable development. The significance.

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