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An Analysis of the Development Trend of Science and Technology Veneer in the Sluggish Market

An Analysis of the Development Trend of Science and Technology Veneer in the Sluggish Market

The science and technology wood we usually refer to is actually an "upgraded version" of natural wood, "derived from nature, better than nature" and can be widely used in furniture, decoration,
  The science and technology wood we usually refer to is actually an "upgraded version" of natural wood, "derived from nature, better than nature" and can be widely used in furniture, decoration, flooring, plywood, doors and windows, sports materials, wood carvings, Crafts and other fields. It is called natural wood because science and technology wood is a new type of wood that is based on raw materials, especially fast-growing materials, and its modification and physicochemical treatment is the reason for the upgrade.
  This year, the downturn of the housing market, combined with the impact of the European debt crisis, China's timber industry has also been unavoidably affected. However, when talking with technology wood and veneer dealers, what they learned was not as bad as they thought. They believe that the crisis has indeed brought a greater impact on themselves. Although sales of scientific and technological wood products have experienced a certain degree of decline year-on-year, it is undeniable that the market capacity of scientific and technological wood products continues to expand. Merchants are full of confidence in the future technology wood product market.
  The reason for this, the author briefly summarized these
  <1> The existence of rigid demand in the domestic market.
  The initial emergence of the housing bubble in 2008 and the world economic crisis in 2009 made the already-exceeded ratio of house prices and residents' incomes more contradictory. This caused real estate to enter a downward path, which in turn plagued the plate, especially the floor blanks. In the past two years, many consumer groups have slowed down the pace of housing, but as time goes by, many new or improved home buyers have begun to choose the market in the face of the prospect of confusion, the relevant data show that 2009 In March of this year, Shanghai's commercial housing turnover totaled 1.5 million square meters, up 85.2% month-on-month and up 46.4% year-on-year, setting a new record high since January 2008. This shows that the market is slowly digesting the rigid demand that has been accumulating for two years, and the demand for decorative building materials has begun to be released.
  <2> The advantages of technology veneer technology.
  The science and technology wood produced on the basis of fast-growing wood is not only rich in color, but also can meet the requirements of different decoration sites and the texture preferences of the majority of buyers. The restoration of various kinds of rare and precious wood is the “dotting work” of Sci-Tech Wood, which allows many consumers to complete the desire to move home various extinct tree species without having to bear the expensive cost. In order to meet the demands of modern consumers for various appearances, Sci-Tech itself can help buyers distinguish between the varieties and color patterns to be selected, because the use of computer designs can produce a large number of product colors and patterns for selection, changing the heart of the past. Only the idea that it is difficult to buy the sorry wood products regrets. Its second major feature is the completion of the transformation of the original wood defects. The original unavoidable defects such as discoloration of the natural wood and wormholes were also overcome with the help of science and technology, and better guarantees and optimization of the science and technology of wood and natural wood. Combine.
  <3> The off-season of mature varieties is not light.
  After a long-term market test and the stability of prices of varieties that have been recognized by consumers and buyers, it has also played a positive role in stabilizing the entire market. According to the recent market transactions, the conventional varieties such as oak and ebony, zebra, and iron knife are the best-selling varieties. The sales situation is relatively gratifying. For example, white oak, red oak, yellow oak and other varieties, the prices of these varieties are generally stable. The reasons for the stable price of these varieties are the high raw material requirements and the relatively strict production process.
  <4>Special veneer sales channels are extensive.
  Such as tree tufts, tree shadows, ball pattern bird eyes and so on also with their pattern specificity and the precious material has become high-end users as a decoration material, in many high-level places, especially star-rated hotels to choose this collection of beauty, exaggeration , the art of special veneer. High-end consumption often represents a trend that not only allows more people to understand the technology veneer, but also establishes the pursuit of technology veneer consumption in the subconscious.
  <5> Fast shipping, small profits but quick turnover.
  This point, in the case of a sluggish market, most of them have no choice but to choose this. Technology veneer sells unpopular products at a low or ex-factory price or even slightly less than the price. It is also the most basic business code for “all for the capital chain”. In order to better survive this winter.
  To sum up: Under the background of advocating the sustainable development of environmental protection, science and technology veneer enterprises have played their characteristics of high technological content, independent innovation and added value, without destroying the advantages of raw materials, and vigorously developing new varieties to expand the market. The company relied on these characteristics and turned it into an advantage, making the technology veneer market not appear one-sided in the background of the off-season, and is gradually restoring sales. We have reason to believe that technology veneer as a major trend in the future of wood processing can become the leader in market conditions. 

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