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RIVERSTRONG Recon Veneer appraisal

RIVERSTRONG Recon Veneer appraisal


  Ms. Zhuo Yan, the general manager of RIVERSTRONG Recon Veneer, is leading the company's R&D, production, QC and sales personnel to appraise the newly developed Recon Veneer patterns.

  The 18 new Recon Veneer patterns are all made into coated panels, highlighting the high taste and high quality, which makes everyone excited and can't help but send out repeated praises.

  Ms. Zhuo Yan led everyone to appraise the new products one by one and made professional comments, pointed out some defects and gave suggestions for improvement.

  Originate from innovation, Concentrate on ingenuity! RIVERSTRONG is dedicated to leading the R&D and development of high-end products in Recon Veneer industry!