Analysis of the Development Trend of Science and Technology Wood Skin in the Downturn Market

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What we usually call scientific and technological wood is actually an "upgraded version" of natural wood, which is "derived from nature and better than nature". It can be widely used in furniture, decoration, flooring, veneer, doors and windows, sports materials, wood carving, handicrafts and other fields. It is called natural wood because scientific and technological wood is a new kind of wood with logs, especially fast-growing wood as the main raw material, and its modified physicochemical treatment of the material is the reason for becoming an upgraded version.
This year, the housing market downturn, coupled with the impact of the European debt crisis, China's timber industry will inevitably be seriously affected. However, when talking with the dealers of technology wood and wood skin, the situation was not as bad as expected. They believe that the crisis has indeed brought a greater impact on themselves. Although the sales of technological wood products have declined to a certain extent year-on-year, it is undeniable that the market capacity of technological wood products continues to expand. Merchants are confident in the future market of science and technology wood products.
The reasons for this, the author briefly summarized as these
<1> the existence of rigid demand in the domestic market.
At the beginning of the housing bubble in 2008 and the world economic crisis in 2009, the already exceeded the ratio of housing prices to residents' income is even more contradictory, which makes the real estate into the downward channel, and then implicates the plate, especially the floor blank. In the past two years, many consumer groups have slowed down the pace of buying houses. However, with the passage of time, many newly married or improved buyers have begun to choose to sell in the face of the confused property market. Data from relevant departments show that in March 2009, the total turnover of commercial residential buildings in Shanghai was about 1.5 million square meters, up 85.2 month on month and 46.4 year on year, and reached a new high since January 2008. This shows that the market has been slowly digesting the hoarding of 2 years of rigid demand, the demand for decorative building materials has begun to release.
<2> the advantages of technology wood technology.
The scientific and technological wood produced with fast-growing wood as the base material is not only rich in color, but also can well meet the requirements of different decoration places and the texture preferences of the majority of buyers. Restoring all kinds of rare and precious wood is the "finishing touch" of scientific and technological wood, so that many consumers can complete the desire to move all kinds of even extinct tree species products home without having to bear expensive costs. In order to meet the various requirements of modern consumers for appearance, scientific wood itself can help buyers distinguish the varieties and color styles to be selected, because the use of computer design can produce a large number of product colors and patterns to choose from, changing the regret that it was difficult to buy satisfactory wood products with only ideas in mind in the past. Its second major feature is the completion of the transformation of the original wood defects, natural wood discoloration, wormholes and other original inevitable defects have also been overcome with the help of science and technology, better guarantee and optimize the combination of scientific and technological wood and natural wood.
<3> mature varieties of the off-season is not light.
After a long-term market test, and has been recognized by the majority of consumers and buyers of the variety of price stability, but also in the smooth market has played a positive role. According to a technology veneer dealer in the market, from the recent market transaction situation, oak and ebony, zebra, iron knife and other conventional varieties are the best-selling varieties, and the sales situation is more gratifying. For example, white oak, red oak, yellow oak and other varieties, the price of these varieties is generally stable. The reason for the price stability of these varieties is the high demand for raw materials and the strict production process.
<4> special wood sales channels.
For example, tree tumors, tree shadows, ball grain sparrow eyes, etc. have also become decoration materials formulated by high-end users due to their special patterns and precious materials. In many high-end places, especially star hotels, this special wood skin that integrates beauty, exaggeration and art is selected. High-end consumption often represents a trend, which not only allows more people to understand technological wood skin, but also establishes a pursuit of technological wood skin consumption in the subconscious.
<5> fast shipment, small profits but quick turnover.
This point in the market downturn, most of them are helpless to choose this. The sale of non-selling varieties at low prices or ex-factory prices or even slightly at a loss is also the most basic commercial code of "everything for the capital chain", in order to better spend this winter.
All in all: under the background of promoting environmental protection and sustainable development, science and technology wood skin enterprises have played their high technical content, independent innovation and added value, and do not destroy the advantages of raw materials, and vigorously develop new varieties to expand the market. And the enterprise is relying on these characteristics and transformed into advantages, so that the science and technology wood skin market in the off-season background does not show a one-sided form, and gradually restore sales. We have reason to believe that science and technology as a major trend of wood processing in the future can become the market leader.

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