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Science and technology veneer "originates from nature and is superior to nature", which creates a development space for the wood processing and manufacturing industry and injects fresh blood into the traditional wood industry. It not only brings new wood products with "green health and natural personality", but also advocates attention to the ecological environment, which conforms to the trend of the times of "sustainable development". Therefore, scientific and technological wood has broad market prospects.
One: the application of science and technology veneer, science and technology veneer is also called furniture veneer or furniture veneer or wood veneer.
(1) Technology wood skins are used in interior decoration and interior furniture and flooring.
Science and technology wood bark has a wide variety of colors, such as cherry wood, Thai pomelo, black walnut, mountain pear, Sabri, red sandalwood, zebra, cherry ice tree, ebony root, mountain sour branch, red sandalwood, mountain maple, red oak and so on. The wood grain of white pearl wood and thousand generations of pine, which are almost extinct in the world, can also be imitated to life. Technology wood skin can show some texture that natural wood skin does not have. Technology veneer can increase the beauty of furniture and interior decoration with a variety of colors and patterns.
Nowadays, with the improvement of the application technology of science and technology veneer, ordinary fast-growing wood realizes "big transformation". Through computer simulation design, as well as veneer dyeing, adhesive coloring, molding and other technologies, it has the wood texture, color, smell and even more artistic effect of various precious tree species. The technical wood skin has unified specifications and high utilization rate, which overcomes the limitation of natural wood skin, and the utilization rate is close to 100.
(2) Science and technology wood skin is conducive to the healthy development of furniture manufacturing and production industry.
Natural wood has many advantages, but its fickle color and texture often bring troubles to designers. Technology can solve this problem. In recent years, the production technology of my country's scientific and technological venestry has made rapid progress, and the international technology gap has been greatly reduced. The products of a few companies have entered the international market, and they have begun to try to cooperate with furniture manufacturers and furniture designers. The wood color, texture, smell, specifications, or some unique artistic effects proposed by the designer are "tailor-made" for them ".
"Tailored" can not only maximize the innovative talent of furniture designers, but also bring healthy competition to the entire furniture industry. The benefits are mainly manifested in: making furniture design more fashionable and artistic, and making the design style of furniture more diversified. Inject vitality into the design and innovation of furniture products. Designers do not have to be troubled by the chaos of wood color and texture. Designers' creative inspiration can be displayed and innovative talents can be brought into full play.
Furniture enterprises to develop new products basically do not have to worry about being imitated, plagiarism. Due to technical limitations, China can produce technology wood manufacturers are limited, according to customer requirements "tailor-made" is very few, and different manufacturers of science and technology wood products are mostly different in color, texture, so, the possibility of product similarity is small, if "tailor-made", the possibility of similarity will be further reduced.
In order to prevent imitation and plagiarism, at the request of some furniture production enterprises, at present, the science and technology vender factory has adopted more flexible and effective measures in the way of cooperation. There are three ways of cooperation: 1) one-time buyout design; 2) annual cooperation and annual development fee; 3) basic development fee and purchase and sale contract. In this way, the possibility of furniture products being imitated and copied can be greatly reduced.
Two: the green effect of science and technology wood
China's plantation area ranks first in the world, up to 46.667 million hectares. Although the plantation grows faster, the species of trees are few, the diameter is small, the material is poor, and the deformation is easy to occur. Science and technology bark not only effectively protects the natural forest resources of precious tree species, but also meets the consumption demand of the market.

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From the point of view of the production of solid wood panels and laminated materials, each manufacturer pays more attention to the quality of products than before. With the continuous improvement of the panel technology, the product quality has also been greatly improved. However, due to the different production methods and technological levels of various enterprises, solid wood panels or laminated materials, as the main raw materials for the production of solid wood products, have exposed some problems in the production and finished products. What is prominent is that if the production process conditions are not well controlled, it is easy to warp and crack in serious cases. Even if the above problems do not occur in production, warping or cracking often occurs during the use of users. How to solve this problem

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