Cohesion Brand Butterfly becomes efficient-Jianghe Shengqiang welcomes the second phase of brand and marketing training conference!

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On the afternoon of October 3, 2020, Jianghe Shengqiang Technology Wood ushered in the second phase of the brand and marketing training conference. The company attached great importance to this training, and the company's leaders, all sales staff and the main leaders of the production department attended the meeting on time.



The training will focus on team building, brand and marketing, business channel promotion and dealer store operation. During this training, all the staff were full of energy and high morale, and actively cooperated with the training teachers. At the same time, the whole team was divided into two groups around these four aspects of the fierce PK, the first group of team name: Flying Tigers, slogan: unity, Qi Li cut gold! The second group of team name: ride the wind and waves to rise to the strong team, slogan: ride the wind and waves will sometimes, straight set the cloud sail to the sea! In the end, the team won by a narrow margin.



Through this training, all the staff have a deeper understanding and harvest of team building, brand and marketing, business channel promotion and dealer store operation. Everyone unanimously said that in the future work, they will combine the training content and reality with certification, supplement the deficiencies, Do not forget your initiative mind, forge ahead, strive to improve their performance and fully serve their customers!





At 7: 00 a.m. on January 27, a bus drove into Jianghe Wood on time. Yes, this is the special car that the company specially arranged to send foreign families home for the Spring Festival. They were already carrying large bags and waiting for the bus to go home for the New Year. These out-of-town family members are far away from their hometowns and are conscientious and conscientious in Jianghe Wood Industry, contributing their own strength to the development of Jianghe Wood Industry. In order to make foreign families feel at ease to go home for the New Year, the company has always insisted on a special car to send them home for the New Year. This year is the tenth year. I wish my family a happy Spring Festival, a happy family and good health!

At the beginning of the new year in 2021, our company welcomed the shooting of brand promotion video. The company's senior leaders attached great importance to the video shooting, hired a professional shooting team and arranged for full cooperation. The shooting of the brand promotion video is one of the important contents of the company's brand building. At present, the video has been shot and entered the post-production stage. After completion, we will share it with you in time!

On September 12, 2020, the 26th China International Furniture Exhibition officially ended at the Shanghai New International Expo Center. Jianghe Shengqiang this time with a new image and bring many new products to the exhibition. Booth is full of popularity, visit customers in an endless stream. Jianghe Shengqiang team patiently introduces the company and its products to customers with the spirit of earnestness, enthusiasm, sincerity and self-confidence.

From the point of view of the production of solid wood panels and laminated materials, each manufacturer pays more attention to the quality of products than before. With the continuous improvement of the panel technology, the product quality has also been greatly improved. However, due to the different production methods and technological levels of various enterprises, solid wood panels or laminated materials, as the main raw materials for the production of solid wood products, have exposed some problems in the production and finished products. What is prominent is that if the production process conditions are not well controlled, it is easy to warp and crack in serious cases. Even if the above problems do not occur in production, warping or cracking often occurs during the use of users. How to solve this problem

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